Thank You to All who helped with Water Leak Cleanup!


Let me say thank you to everyone who jumped in and worked so hard yesterday morning to help clean up the water mess we found when we entered the church Sunday morning early. The first people there found about an inch of water on the mid-level of the building from the Small Fellowship Hall area all the way down the main hall toward the elevator. As it turned out, a pipe had leaked in the wall behind one of the urinals in the Men’s Restroom.

We had many folks bring their shopvacs and work at getting the bare floor dried up. The lingering problem now is that all the classrooms along the east side of that hallway, as well as the Choir Room and the Nursery had water in it, and several carpets are soaked. We have a company here now working on thoroughly drying out those classrooms and the areas that were affected by the water.

Your good spirit and your willingness to help is such an inspiration! We were able to still have Sunday School, although it required moving some folks around. Thank you for you patience and your cooperation. A good motto for life is, “Be flexible!” We are sure getting plenty of practice at that together in recent months!

It’s at these times that the power of God in His people becomes most evident. When we face difficulty, disappointment or challenges, how do we react to them? He wants us to react with hope and with faith! As we trust Him, we know He will provide all that is needed to do what must be done. Thank you for displaying hope and faith – not only yesterday – but day after day!