• 7/25/21 – Sunday School – 9:30 AM – Classes for all ages! Please join us to study the Bible with others!
  • 7/25/21 – 5:00 PM – Deacons’ Meeting
  • 7/25/21, 6:00 PM – Evening Worship! Join us for singing and a message from God’s Word!
  • 7/27/21 – 7:00 PM – “W” Team meets for GROW Outreach.
  • 7/28/21, 6:30 PM – SUMMER SCHEDULE – ONLY Bible Study/Prayer Meeting on Wednesday Nights. Children/Youth weekly meetings paused until September. Watch for special Youth/Children events over the summer.
  • 8/4/21, 7:30 PM – Choir Practice Resumes! Come and join us by singing in the Choir! It’s a new beginning. Following Bible Study. Everyone welcome!
  • Organ Fund – Our church has voted (6/16/21) to purchase the Allen Organ currently in the Sanctuary for demonstration! The cost is $18,000. We have paid half the cost down, and must pay the balance by the end of three months – 9/15/21. You can donate to this fund at any time by marking an envelope, “Organ Fund,” or by giving online to the Special Fund in the dropdown list, “Organ Fund.” Still Needed: $1,952.50
  • Retaining Wall Project is Complete! Installation of a new fence along both curbs has been done. Total Cost of the Project – approx. $60,000. Contributions can be made to the General Fund to help offset this expense. Thank you!