NAMB President Kevin Ezell Briefs President Trump on Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Efforts in Houston and South Texas – Video 9/1/17

Cornerstone is a Southern Baptist Church. Yesterday, Dr. Kevin Ezell – President of our Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board – was in the Oval Office (along with The Salvation Army and the Red Cross) to brief President Trump on the Disaster Relief work Southern Baptists are already doing in Houston and South Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. He told the President that Southern Baptists are equipped to “feed over 400,000 people a day.”

Our church gives 10% of Regular Giving every month to the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. Some of that money funds Disaster Relief efforts by Missouri Baptists, and some of it is sent on to the National Convention and helps fund the work of the North American Mission Board. Your gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions helps fund Disaster Relief efforts as well. The Missouri Missions Offering we are about to begin receiving for our State Convention also helps fund Disaster Relief efforts.

So, as you see the devastation and suffering in South Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey, just know that you are involved in helping to meet that massive need through your giving to our church and to the special offerings we receive throughout the year! Thank you for your generosity, and for caring about the needs around you!

NOTE: If you would like to give directly to help fund the Disaster Relief efforts of Missouri Baptists and our larger Southern Baptist Convention, you can give online here, or you can give to Cornerstone and mark the envelope “Disaster Relief.” All gifts marked “Disaster Relief” will be sent on to our Missouri Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Fund. This giving would be in addition to what you are already giving to Disaster Relief through your regular giving to Cornerstone.