“Journey Through the Indispensable Book” – A Survey of the Bible – Sunday Nights – Continues 2/28/21

NOTE: Our Journey through the Bible continues with Genesis 4, “The First Murder – Cain & Abel,” on Sunday Night 2/28/21 – In-person and Online! See you then!

The Bible is the indispensable book. That’s because it is the Word of God. The word “indispensable” means, “absolutely necessary,” “not subject to being set aside or neglected.” It is from God’s heart to our hearts. If we are to know why we are here and where we are going, we must give ourselves over to the indispensable Book – the Bible.

It is to that end we will journey through the pages of God’s Word in a systematic way on Sunday nights at 6 PM, from Genesis to Revelation, knowing that God will speak to us and do His work of growth and change in our lives. We will begin this journey on January 24, 2021, at 6 PM in the Sanctuary, which will also be broadcast online each week. I hope you will be blessed beyond measure as you open yourself to His Word, and that you will never be the same again for having done so.