How do I become a member of Cornerstone?

Nearly every week someone asks this question. It is a good question because all churches have their own plan for accepting members. This can be one of your happiest experiences if you know how to do it and what to expect in the process. There are three ways to join this church body. The prerequisites to joining by any of these three ways is: (1) a statement (testimony) of a definite time of repentance of sin and trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life through His death, burial, and resurrection, and (2) a desire to be a fully devoted follower of Christ, living a lifestyle that would not bring reproach upon Christ or His Church. These three ways are:

BAPTISM (by immersion)

  1. Having never been baptized following your salvation experience.
  2. Joining from a church that does not baptize by immersion.
  3. Joining from a church that teaches baptism washes away sins.
  4. Having been immersed outside the authority of a constituted church.

LETTER (of transfer by recommendation)

Being a baptized member of another Baptist Church of like faith and practice.

STATEMENT (of faith in Christ and previous baptism by immersion)

A. Coming from another church though having previously been a baptized member of a Baptist Church.
B. Coming from a Baptist church no longer in existence or having destroyed records.
C. Having been baptized by immersion (after salvation) by a church, other than a Baptist Church, which does not believe baptism is for salvation (baptismal regeneration).

In addition, to unite with Cornerstone, it is important to consider what you believe on various key doctrines of the faith. If you believe as we believe about the following articles of the Faith as stated in The Baptist Faith and Message, then you will find yourself “at home” theologically here at Cornerstone.

We want you to be a part of the blessings of God in the life of our church. We will bring you updates often on just what is happening at our church and share the stories of how Christ is making a difference in the lives of people. If at any point you have questions about Cornerstone, please feel free to call us at 573-893-2600. We will do whatever it takes to assist you in doing what God is leading you to do.

Baptist Church