Cornerstone Winter Bible Study, February 1-3, 2019: “What Are You Afraid Of?” Join Us!

What a tremendous Winter Bible Study we have in store for February 1-3, 2019 at Cornerstone!

We will be studying Dr. David Jeremiah’s series, “What are You Afraid Of? Facing Down Your Fears with Faith.” This study is based on Dr. Jeremiah’s book by the same title (Watch his brief overview of the study above). In it we will view together six DVD video teaching sessions by Dr. Jeremiah and then discuss them together:

Friday, February 1
6:00 PM – Meal Provided
7:00 PM
Defeat: The Fear of Failure
Depression: The Fear of Mental Breakdown

Saturday, February 2
6:00 PM
Disconnection: The Fear of Being Alone
Disease: The Fear of Serious Illness

Sunday, February 3
10:30 AM Worship – Death: The Fear of Dying
12:00 NN – Church Carry-in Potluck Meal
1:00 PM – Deity: The Fear of God

The question “What are you afraid of?” can be translated “What is it that immobilizes you? What is robbing you of sleep night after night? In this study, we will join Dr. David Jeremiah in examining these fears: defeat, depression, disconnection, disease, and death. This study seeks to guide us to realize that God is the answer to all our fears and to replace our unhealthy fears with a proper fear of God. You can look to the future and see nothing except His power and love guarding your every step. You can find the truth that sets you free to live the fearless life God created you to enjoy. Join us these three days for this exciting and important study!