Update: Sanctuary Remodeling Continues – Framing of Stage Expansion, New Sound Booth Progresses – Photos 9/16/17 UPDATE: Come Help 9/23 at 8 AM!

UPDATE: Volunteers Needed Saturday, Sept. 23 at 8 AM to Continue the Work!

Work has been ongoing Friday and today on the remodeling of our Sanctuary to enlarge the stage area and the sound booth. A big thank you to everyone who has turned out to work again this weekend. Much progress has been made as you can see from the pictures! Keep praying we can get this project completed and everything finished up by the Holidays in November-December! Once the remodeling is done, our new carpet will be installed in the Sanctuary! We will be painting the foyer and the Sanctuary before the new carpet is installed. We’ll likely begin the painting next week. Thanks for your willingness to pray and to help!